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Someone who wants to be a well-liked leader has to figure out a way of earning respect from the people they are leading. The actions of a leader will affect how their followers feel about them.

A Leader Gains Respect by Being Honest:

Many are turned off by the dishonesty and have a hard time trusting someone again once they have been lied to. The leader who wants to have a loyal following must be honest at all times. Even if a leader has information that might upset those they are leading, they need to be open and honest with those people and avoid keeping things from them.

A Leader Should Treat Others Well:

When a leader shows respect for the people they are leading, that will help them gain respect in the eyes of those people. If a leader thinks that they are better than everyone else, they are going to have people who hate them and who do not want to listen to them. The more that a leader cares about those they are leading, the more respect they will earn.

A Leader Earns Respect by Staying Educated and Being Knowledgeable:

A leader of a company needs to know more about that company than any of the other employees do. It is important for a leader to continue to be educated when it comes to their job and to prove worthy of respect by being knowledgeable. People want to follow someone who knows what they are doing.

A Leader Should Stay Calm:

When a leader gets upset and they start to break down in front of those they are leading, things can get a little scary for everyone. The leader who wants to be respected has to stay calm no matter what takes place and always show their most confident side to those they are leading.

A Good Leader Focuses on Doing Their Job Well:

Someone needs to be dedicated to their work if they want to be respected. The leader who wants people to look up to them must focus on doing their job well and showing that they are worthy of the position that they are in.